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Carleton Place is home to a variety of unique businesses and services.
244 Chamber members can be found in our searchable directory.

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    Accommodations  [4]     (Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfast)
    Aesthetic Services  [3]     (Hair Salon, Barber, Tanning, Spa, Supplies)
    Art & Photography  [5]     (Art Supply, Photographers, Studios)
    Automotive  [13]     (Sales, Repairs, Rental, Body Shop, Parts, Cleaning)
    Building Supplies  [1]    
    Computer & Printing  [7]     (Sales, Repairs, Web Dev., Desktop Publishing)
    Construction Services  [24]     (Contractor, Plumbing, Electrical, Landscaping)
    Educational Services  [4]     (Schools, Tutors, Academic, Training)
    Entertainment  [5]     (Movies, Games, Rentals, Events)
    Financial Services  [10]     (Mortgages, Financial Planning, Banks)
    Food & Liquor  [13]     (Food, Catering, Supplies, Beer & Wine)
    Foundations & Counselling  [10]     (Family Support, Community Groups, Not-for-profit)
    Health and Beauty  [7]     (Health and Beauty)
    Manufacturing  [5]     (Production, Industrial Development)
    Media  [3]     (Media)
    Medical & Healthy Living  [13]     (Doctor, Dentist, Hospital, Sports Clinics)
    Miscellaneous Services  [18]     (Photography, Writing, Consumer Advocacy)
    Professional Services  [29]     (Lawyers, Accountants, Insurance, Veterinarians)
    Promotional Products  [4]     (Trophies, Marketing, Promotion)
    Real Estate  [10]     (Real Estate)
    Restaurant & Bar  [11]     (Nightlife, Tea Rooms, Family Eateries, Fast Food)
    Retail Services  [31]     (Clothing, Sporting Equipment, Antiques)
    Sports & Sport Groups  [9]     (Gym, Dojo, Fitness Center)
    Tourism & Travel Planning  [3]     (Travel, Tourism)
    Transportation  [1]     (Trucking, Bus Services, Taxi)
    Wholesale  [1]     (Wholesale)

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