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Chamber of Commerce Board Members 1949-1960

In a leatherbound spiral notebook, with type-writing and loopy cursive writing on yellowed paper, there are lists of names; general attendance, meeting minutes, annual board meetings, new members, new committees. Each of these names had some relation to the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce, they were all board members once, 50 years or more ago. 
Do you recognize any of the names? Do you know any of their stories? 

Board Members September 22nd, 1949 

President—W.W. Pollock,  Vice President—J.M. O’Dell,  Secretary—Bert Raeburn,  Treasurer—Larry Shanks,  Industrial Committee—J.M O’Dell,  A-Advertising—A. Mattingly,  Civic Affairs—A. Weedmark,   Tourist and Membership—H. Edwards,  Boxing and Playground—V. McCarten,  B. Playground—E. Dryan


Board Members October 1950

Clarence Emerson,  Walt. Mason,  Bill Pollock,  Harvey Asselstine,  Vern. McCarton,  Lam. Galvin,  Maynard Argue,  W. J. Hughes,  E. McIntyre,  Larry Shanks,  Roy Gilmour,  Doug Allan,  G. W. Comba,  Lou Lloyd,  Ellard Gordon,  Elmer Robertson,  Herb Sinclair,  Bill Bates,  Ross Davis,  W. M. Mathews


Board Members October 12th, 1950

President—Mr. Asselstine,   Secretary-Treasurer—Mr. Mason,  Industrial—Mr. Pollock,  Tourist—Mr. Ullett,  Civic Affairs—Mr. Sinclair,  

Membership—Mr. Gordon,   Advertising—Mr. Covell,   Playgrounds—Mr. Dryan


The Retail Merchants of Carleton Place--Monday, November 20th 1950

President—Mr. E. McIntyre,  1st Vice President—Mr. L Galvin,  2nd Vice President—Mr. Avery,  3rd Vice President—Mr. Jim Miller,  4th Vice President—Mr. R. G. Clake,  5th Vice President—Mr. Wm. Bennett,  Secretary—Mr. Clarence Emerson,  Treasurer—Mr. Ken Dack


Executive Committee

Roy Gilmour—Hardware,  Jack McLaren—Druggist,  Tom Nichols—Lumber,  Gord. Patterson—Furniture,  Elmer Patterson—Clothing,

 Wilf Bellamy—Restaurant,  Harold Hughes—Grocer,  Doug Allan—Shoes,  Reg. Ullett—Garage,  J. W. Hicks--Butcher-Grocer, Mel Covell—Jeweller

Howard McNeely—Barber,  Ed. Patterson—Feed and Seed,  Os. Hastie—Plumber,  Mr. McGinnis—Dry Goods,  Earl Dunlop—Baker,  

Maynard Argue—Grocer,  Percy Hay—Dairy


Friday, October 26th, 1951

President-Arnold Weedmark,  Vice President-Rev. Fred Williams,  Sec-Treasurer-Albert Duncan


Committees: Tourist and Publicity—Ross Davis,  Membership—Vern McCarten,  Industrial—W. Asa Roe


Board Members November 1951

Comba,  Roe,  Downing,  Robertson,  Fleming ,,Emerson,  Ullett,  Kirkpatrick,  Okilman,  Godfrey,  Gord. Patterson,  Fred Williams,  C. Peden,  His Worship, Mayor Prime,  Mason,  Asselstine,  Weedmark,  Duncan,  Mel. Covell,  Merv. Covell,  W. Hicks,  Bill Bennett,  Argue,  Pollock,  Levi,  McDonald,  Boot,  Bowland,  Nicholson,  Patterson,   Ross Davis,  Rodgers,  McCarten,  Gordon,  Edwards,  Shanks,  Flint,  Leo Dulmage,  Cooke,  Walsh,  Hod Coleman,  Snedden,  Lloyd Hughes,  Gord. Bennett,  Avery,  H. McNeeley,  Gilmour


Board Members December 8th 1954

President---M. O'Kilman,  1st Vice-H. Edawrds,  2nd Vice-D Switzer,  Secretary-R. Munro,  Tourist--R. Davis,  Industrial--A. Duncan


Board Members November 4th, 1957

Membership-Glen Thompson, George Eady,  Civic Improvements--T.S. Cavers, Bob Menzies, Bill Coburn, Commercial--Retail Merchants, Alan Barker

Industrial---Charles Godfrey, George Fletcher, Bill Bennett,  Tourist Publicity, Public Relations--Theo Nesbitt, Harold Hughes, E.S. Fleming

Agricultural-Alva Rintoul for Ramsay


Public Meeting Attendance March 2nd, 1959 for the formation of a Chamber of Commerce 

Jim Antonakoss,  C.W Argue,  Willis Armour,  G. F. Bennett,  Alan Barker,  Cecil Brundige,  Lindsay Barr,  E. A. Barber,  Gordon Boughner

Donald Bennett,  R. D. Bennett,  W.E. Bennett,  Wallace Cook,  W. G. Cummings,  Stewart Comba,  Stan Cleroux,  C. W. Costello,  Ohil Campbell

Alan R. Code,  W. H. Crawford,  Bruce Comerford,  Ken Drummond,  Rose Davis,  J. H. Dack,  James Dryden,  Warren Dunlop,  Howard Edwards

Howie Foote,  D. G. Findley,  Donald Ferrill,  Harold Forbes,  Ted Foote,  Ernie Foote,  W. R. Findley,  John W. Graham,  Doug Guerard

Ivan Gardiner,  Herman Giles,  Ormand Giles, A. M. Humble,  J. H. Hughes,  Gerlad Haskins,  Lloyd Hughes,  Gerald Hastle


November 18th 1959

President-Charles Godfrey


February 29th 1960

Treasurer-Russell Glaze,  Secretary-Doug Smith,  Councilors-Ernie Snedden,  Major Tony Laing,  Tim Rogers,  Bill McRae, 

Ernie Foote-Committee chairman



J. Antonakes,  Mr. C. W. Argue,  Maynard Argue,  H. B. Asselstine,  Elmer Barber,  Alan Barker,  J. L Barr,  Gordon F. Bennett,  Gordon H. Bennett

William E. Bennett,  Ken Bogart,  F. C. Bradley,  C. A. Brundige,  Phil Campbell,  Stewart Cavers,  Stanley Cleroux,  George Clifford,  Allan Code

G. W. Comba,  Bruce Comerford,  J. Wallace Cok,  Mel. Covell,  D. K. Coyles,  J. G. Craig,  W. H. Crawford,  Reg. Cross,  W. C. Cummings,    Ross Davis,  Dr. C. A. Dobb,  Ken Drummond,  Albert F. Duncan,  Percy Dunlop,  W. James Dryden,  Geo. W. Eades,  Howard Edwards,

R. M. Eldridge,  Ted Ferrill,  David G. Findley,  Ed. Fleming,  Bob Flint,  Ernie Foote,  Howard Foote,  Harold Forbes,  Hamilton Findlay,      

W. R Findlay,  John F. Fraser,  Gordon Gilchrist,  Merrill Giles,  Ormond Giles,  Russell Glaze,  Jim Graham,  John Graham,  Thomas R. Graham

Douglas Guerard,  Ivan Hamilton,  Dr. Williams Han ham,  Percy Hay,  Cecil Henderson,  T. Holmes,  Harold Hughes   A. M. Humble, William Hurdis

William Irwin,  Howard Jameson,  Howard Johnston,  Dr. J. A. Johnston,  C. Laderoute,   Sven Lersen,  Arthur Lavertue,  Robert Lay,  Sam Leech

A. F. Leonard,  J. F. Livingstone,  Dawson MacDowell,  Gordon MacIntyre,  Alywn McAllistar,  R. V. McCarten,  Cecil McCann,  Bruce McDonald

Findlay McEwen,  Don McGregor,  Elmer McIntyre,  Roy McKittrick,  Howard McNeeley,  Bill Miller,  A. Munecke,  R. D. Munro,  Gordon Neil

Howard Neil,  Eddie Noonan,  Mose Okilman,  Ted Orendorff,  Jim Patterson,  Milton Phillips,  Bill Priesto,  Don Ring,  Tim Rogers,  M. Rosenberg

William Rowatt,  Mark Rubino,  Sam Rubino,  Ted Shienfield,  Ernie Snedden,  W. J. Sprauge,  Charles Stewart,  J. R. Stewart,  Murray Stone

A. Swayne,  Gordon Taber,  Lindsay Thompson,  Ray Thompson,  Orville Townend,  Morley Whalen,  George W. Williams,  David Willoughby

Ken Wilson,  Harold Wilson,  A. B. Chabot,  Cecil Hacks,  Louis Gradelle